Employment Law Discrimination Dissertation Titles

Intellectual Property Dissertation Topics

The law as it relates to intellectual property covers the creation, use and protection of trademark, patents and copyright, together with other ancillary rights. Trademark-related dissertation topics include the absolute grounds for refusal of registration under section 3 of the Trade Marks Act 1994, the EU’s Trade Marks Directive, relative grounds for refusal of registering a trade mark under section 5 of the Trade Marks Act 1994, the infringement of trademarks, such as the use of similar or identical marks, invalidity, revocation, licensing and assignments of trademarks. Copyright-related dissertation topics are recognised as including the authorship, ownership and duration of copyright, copyright in film and sound recordings, literary, dramatic musical or artistic works, computers and copyright infringement, the need for originality, copyright and databases, works of architecture, adaptations, parallel imports, EC competition and copyright law, and primary and secondary infringement of copyrighted works. As you can see from the points set out above, there are clearly many topics that you could potentially choose from regarding the law as it relates to intellectual property that you could potentially cover in your dissertation, including the following potential subject areas set out below:

• The economical impact of intellectual property rights.
• How is intellectual property protected on the Internet
• Passing off and trademark law – Do they provide adequate protection in the UK?
• Is the UK creating a right of confidence?
• Innovation and the patent system. Can the current, overly stringent patent system still be an incentive for innovation?
• Does UK copyright law provide an adequate balance between the needs of rights holders and users?
• Does the Fair Use principle provide an effective exemption to UK copyright law?
• How has European law affected intellectual property rights in the UK?
• P2P File Sharing – How far does the law protect the holders of the intellectual property rights?
• Does the UK intellectual property regime provide adequate protection? Compare and contrast with the position in the United States.
• To what extent are indigenous people’s rights to intellectual property effectively protected?
• What more could be done to improve the law to provide those people from less developed countries with greater protection of their intellectual property right?
• How will Brexit serve to impact upon the protection of intellectual property rights in the UK?

HRM Dissertation Help by Native Writers

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HR Dissertation Topics from the UK Experts

Writing an HR dissertation can prove to be a turning point in your academic career. While preparing for the write-up, you will come across multiple HR dissertation topics that may change your whole outlook, which in turn may make you more inclined towards a particular HRM dissertation topic. Therefore, the selection of a topic for Human Resource Management dissertation should not be taken lightly. Appropriate vigilance in the process is required for the successful completion of the project. You can also prefer to take HRM dissertation help from our subject-specific HR experts who can guide you through the entire process of human resource dissertation writing.

Take a look at the list of the HR dissertation topics on various Human resource fields, as suggested by our online dissertation help experts, to achieve your academic goals.

HRM Dissertation Help in Strategic HR Dissertation Topics

This modern concept of Human Resource Management is becoming more popular with every passing year. The efficient growth it may bring in an organization, when implemented successfully, is really remarkable. With such a significant impact in the field, it is always beneficial to use the theme of Strategic HRM for dissertation topics. Some of the suggested Strategic human resource dissertation topics are:

  • IoT: the climatic change in HR Management?
  • Traditional HR policies in the situations of mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate’s objective and governance of human resources
  • HR Change Management: Planning or Improvisation

These are only a few of the many HR dissertation topics of SHRM you can work on. But whatever may the title be, try to maintain the one line as its essence, i.e., the interconnection between and strategic HRM and organisational development.

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Employment Law HR Dissertation Topics

Employment law encompasses numerous workplace like safe work environment, retirement benefits, protection against discrimination, etc. Every HR scholar is supposed to be acquainted with these legal orders, and writing an HRM final year paper on Employment Law Human Resource dissertation topics is a great way of demonstrating that.

As an HRM dissertation help provider, we have listed below some of the employment law HR dissertation topics that we have already covered:

  • Privacy policy for employee’s personal information and the increased use of MIS
  • Paternity leaves and the extent of negotiation
  • Evaluation of the TUPE regulations in the UK
  • Termination of contract in cases of unfair dismissals

If you are writing your human resource dissertation on this theme, then it is of utmost importance to pay special attention towards the facts and edicts. Any seemingly menial mistake can become the source of large deduction in your academic grades. You can prefer Online HRM dissertation help provided by our writers to excel in any topic of HR dissertation that is related to this field.

Diversity and Equality HR Dissertation Topics

One of the most neglected yet significant fields of Human Resource Management is diversity and equality. With the constant increase in the effects of globalization, it can be proved to be the real high-grade worthy dissertation topics in human resource management.

  • The distinction between the issues of discrimination and diversity HR management
  • Is race discrimination a mere illusion?
  • The discriminating behavior towards ex-offenders
  • Eradication of passive bullying in well-established companies

Apparently, the list of HR dissertation topics on such a theme is really long. The increasing awareness can make such titles instant hit if presented with well-cited content. We provide HRM dissertation help in this segment from the experienced team of writers, editors and proofreaders who are well-versed with the concepts of citation and referencing as per the student’s requirement.

Performance Management HR Dissertation Topics & Ideas

Performance management is one of the most active functions of HR management that involves a good deal of diligence. Though there is not a definitive scope of this area of Human Resource Management, there are still a few prominent ideas to formulate some good HR dissertation topics.

  • HR performance management is vital for long-term sustenance
  • The conflicts between performance management and HR retention
  • Staff feedback for vigilant HR management of performance.
  • Is reward system adequate for proper performance maintenance?

Indeed, once you consider the titles mentioned above as your HR dissertation topic, there is no lack of winning prospects. Simply devote a little time to research or take online HRM dissertation help from our professionals, and in no time you will have, not just one but numerous unique ideas for an incredible HRM thesis.

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Dissertation Titles on Recruitment as HR Function

Recruitment is perhaps the most extensive field of HR management. Our academic writers have prepared numerous write-ups on it, which makes us aware of the popularity of the related HR dissertation writing topics. Take a look at a few suggestive HRM dissertation topics provided by our expert team of writers.

  • Active filtration in the recruitment process and its effects
  • How to shape the recruitment process in accordance with the company’s objectives?
  • Can training fill in the gaps of the recruitment process?

It is observed that though the scope of recruitment function of HR is quite specific, the chances of developing a completely original HRM dissertation topics are diminutive. Most successful dissertations in this area are case studies of well-established organisations. If you’re looking forward to seeking HRM dissertation help in this theme, then reach out for our expert assistance.

Employee Relations HR Dissertation Topics

The study on employee relations for HRM dissertation topics could be very compelling. However, it all depends on your capability of doing research work for such topics are bound to attract a lot of that. Still, if you have a particular interest in this field and no abundance of research tools, you can always rely on the expert assistance of Online Dissertation Writing for HRM dissertation help.

  • Does horizontal communication system increases productivity?
  • Employees’ engagement with the motto of the company
  • Employee consultation for strong team relationship

Evidently, this list can go on longer as there is no lack of researchable HR dissertation topics. But students do not have enough time and research sources. And this is where they can take the maximum benefit of our professional HRM dissertation help.

Health & Safety Dissertation Topics

The Health and safety of employees has an overlapping scope with Employees Laws. As a matter of fact, it is a part of the latter. But since its scope and research area is quite wide, one can use it as a distinct theme for HRM dissertation topics.

  • Safe work environment for the employees working in the industry of toxic products manufacturing.
  • Radiation free environment for nuclear plant workers
  • Rigorous training and effects on employees health
  • Health benefits out to question against exploitation

To get more such ideas on health and safety concerns of HR management, place your order by mentioning these specifics, and our experts will contact you promptly to offer you the best HRM dissertation help in the UK.

HRM Dissertation Help With Training & Development Topics

Training and development field constitutes a significant part of not only Human Resource Management but of the whole operational and management system of an organization. Many HR dissertation topics can be formulated on this critical area.

  • Training and development emerging as powerful employment rights
  • Consistent training schedules and effects on company’s turnover
  • Strategies for implementing cross-cultural training environment

It is apparent that selecting Human resource management dissertation topics on such a wide concept may consume a lot of time, and perhaps, even more, efforts. Save yourself from all that by availing the required HR dissertation help from our skilled writers.

HR Models and Theories for HR Dissertation Topics

This is a bit sophisticated area for the development of Human Resource dissertation topics. The development of most of the HR theories had taken place in the latter part of the 20th century. Moreover, the number of these theories too was not limited. Therefore, one can always use this theme without having to worry about the lack of either research sources or originality.

  • Action centred leadership model and its implementation in HR management
  • Experience curve as a tool for Human Resource Management.
  • How to safeguard an organisation from ‘Golden Hello’.

Hopefully, these ideas can provide you with some Human Resource Management dissertation help. But if this is not the case, then don’t worry. The expert academic writers and subject professionals of Online Dissertation Writing are just a click away. You may also explore the HR dissertation examples and free Human resource samples available on our website.

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