Tpt Language Homework

Product Description

This packet contains 14 different ways to play with toddler toys to facilitate speech and language goals. Cards were created for use as homework to be sent home with parents.

Page 1: Title Page
Page 2: Description
Page 3: Parent Letter
Page 4: Bubbles
Page 5: Basic Books
Page 6: Peg Puzzles
Page 7: Toy Cars
Page 8: Toy Bus
Page 9: Toy Farm
Page 10: Stacking Cups
Page 11: Simple Songs
Page 12: Mr. Potato Head
Page 13: Blocks
Page 14: Teddy Bear
Page 15: Playdough
Page 16: Crayons
Page 17: Mystery Box
Page 18: Ball
Page 19: Terms of Use
Page 20: Credits

Note: This packet is very "text heavy", despite several rounds of editing there is still the chance that I missed a typo. If you notice a typo please let me know so I can fix it ASAP, thanks!

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Product Description

Be prepared to give out summer homework to your older students this year.

I've bundled some of my best TPT products, as well as some new editions featured exclusively in this packet, to bring you this handy bundle - which can also be used for during therapy or as summer homework.

This bundle includes over 50 pages of homework:
Articulation (R)
Articulation (S)
Articulation (Z)
...and tracking sheets

Products included are:
Visual Guide for HOW to take 3 Turns in Conversation (Packet)

Following Directions Card - Temporal: BEFORE & AFTER

Modern Vocalic R Sentences - These aren't your Grandma's R probes ;)

Articulation Score Card - Next Level

Sentence Probes for over 100 of the most frequently used S & Z words in English!

Bookmarks for rhymes, prefixes, suffixes, and root words

Handout/Visual for Diaphragmatic Breathing

Pacing Bookmarks - Monitor Rate of Speech


Language Activities and tracking sheets created specifically for this packet!

Need even more??? Check the articulation section of my store for other phonemes including, the /l/ sound and the /sh/ sound! *******************************************************************************

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