Rfid Supply Chain Case Study

The value of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the maintenance of supply chains of aircraft parts is examined, particularly in the proposed analytical model. This model helps us gain a better understanding of the relationships between various costs incurred and the RFID effect on an aircraft maintenance tracking process. Using an RFID system, a maintenance company specializing in aircraft parts can accumulate savings based on the assumption that the technology can eliminate inaccuracy problems related to inventory recording delays brought about by mishandling in the component repair process. This case study illustrates such phenomenon through the use of numerical assumptions, highlighting the benefits of RFID. Further, the value of RFID in aircraft maintenance is evaluated using sensitivity analysis, in accordance with the parameters of the model of cost reductions in mishandling repair components and inventory control. The findings support the industry's acceptance of RFID technology, proving that this is beneficial to maintenance companies of aircraft parts.

  • Florida Fire and Rescue Supplier Extends Visibility via RFID

    The Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District, using RFID tagging services from supplier QuadMed and a solution from Silent Partner Technologies, has reduced its inventory spending by 30 percent, while the Broward County Sheriff's Fire and Rescue Office plans to track the goods it uses and sells for emergency services.

  • Rebecca Minkoff Extends Its RFID System Beyond the Store

    By adding a QR code to each of its luxury bags, the New York fashion retailer is enabling shoppers to access content after they make a purchase, as part of the Digital Emotional Intelligence offering from Avery Dennison RBIS and EVRYTHNG.

  • Cashew Company Improves Deliveries, Supply Chain

    Thanks to Ceará Votu's UHF RFID solution, Cione has streamlined processes, monitored its supply chain and ensured 100 percent accuracy in its deliveries.

  • Polish Cancer Center Tracks Drug Temperatures via a Real-Time NFC-enabled Solution

    The system, from Bluog and Utz Group, includes NFC-enabled data-loggers, Near Field Communication readers attached to containers, and a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to software managing the read data.

  • Nebraska Hospital Boosts Efficiency, Patient Care With RFID

    Cardinal Health's Inventory Management Solutions, installed at Nebraska Medicine, track the storage and use of high-value supplies for surgical procedures, thereby reducing out-of-stocks and expirations, while also automating patient billing.

  • Decathlon Scores a Big Win With RFID

    The French sporting goods retailer is tracking most of its products from factories to more than 1,000 stores in 25 countries.

  • Resin Supplier Uses RFID to Perfect the Curing Process

    Reichhold helps a fiberglass pipe manufacturer improve production, saving time and money.

  • Kuehne + Nagel Monitors Pharmaceuticals to Improve Customer Service

    The global transportation and logistics firm turns to RFID to track the location and temperature of shipments.

  • RFID Saves an EMS With Inventory Challenges

    South Metro Fire Rescue Authority is tracking medical supplies at its warehouse and at 17 stations, to reduce waste and improve efficiencies.

  • Chicago Hospital Deployment Delivers a Healthy ROI

    Northwestern Memorial's investment in RFID results in real-time inventory accuracy and improved workflow for clinicians.

  • U.S. Army Uses RFID to Track and Manage Parachutes

    With no room for error, the chain-of custody solution reduces costs and labor and improves safety.

  • Hy-Vee Supermarkets Track Perishables to Ensure Freshness

    Suppliers include RFID temperature tags in shipments to the retailer's distribution centers, and the DCs reuse the tags to monitor goods en route to the stores.

  • Italian Steel Pipe Manufacturer Tracks WIP Materials

    Since deploying an RFID system to track pallets in a large industrial area, TenarisDalmine has increased production efficiencies and inventory accuracy, and improved worker safety.

  • Europe's Largest Gold Mine Tracks Ore

    A rugged RFID tag allows managers at Agnico Eagle's Kittilä mine to monitor processes and improve production.

  • Agriculture Co-op Tracks Cherry Tomato Production

    Spain's Granada La Palma deployed an inventory-management solution at its warehouse and sorting plant, to improve efficiencies and customer service.


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