Njcdca Scholarship Essay


The New Jersey Cheerleading

State Championships

Cure Insurance Arena (formerly Sun National Bank Center)

Trenton, NJ (Directions)
Sunday, March 4, 2018


The Competition:

  1. The Competition will be held at Cure Insurance Arena (formerly Sun National Bank Center), Trenton, NJ on Sunday, March 4, 2018. The competition will start approximately at 8:30 am.
  2. To allow us to prepare for warm-up and performance times, registrations will not be accepted after the postmarked date of January 29, 2018. No exceptions.
  3. Cheer teams will have the option to choose between a SPRING FLOOR and a standard Cheerleading Floor (Both 54 x42) Please complete the form.
  4. Due to liability issues the use of designated spotters for cheer teams is not an option.
  5. Alternate judging will be used for all divisions.
  6. The warm-up time will be 4 minutes for both the tumbling mat and performance mat.
  7. Performance times will be posted online after the mandatory coaches meetings.
  8. NJCDCA will be selling t-shirts on a pre order basis only. There will be a limited number of t-shirts available the day of the competition. This will eliminate the expense of leftover shirts and to make sure all cheerleaders can get their correct size. Please complete the form.
  9. Please be aware that there is no videotaping allowed in Cure Insurance Arena whether by video camera, phone, etc.. A professional videographer will be providing same day instant DVD's for purchase as well as action shots.
  10. We encourage any and all coaches to submit the names of qualified judges to Pat DePalma for consideration to judge our State Championship.
  11. We are now setup with a REMIND 101 account.  Here is the REMIND101 LINK. Our goal is for coaches to receive reminders for deadlines and getting other information in an even more direct manner than e-mail, because remind goes right to your phone.


Entry Fees:


All Member teams are $200 for each team ($150 for Game Day if entering 2 divisions w/ same team.)

All Non-Member teams are $250 for each team ($200 for Game day if entering 2 divisions w/ same team.)

Bus Parking Fee $20

Make checks payable to NJCCA


Deadlines & Late Fees:


The complete application which includes

Must be postmarked on or before January 19, 2018.

Any application postmarked after January 19, 2018 will be charged a late fee of $100 per team.







All fees are non refundable. No fees or forms will be collected the day of the competition. All coaches are responsible for completing all forms. No phone calls will be made to inform you of missing items.



Insurance Certificates:


Each team must mail with their application a certificate of insurance naming BOTH the NJCDCA and Cure Insurance Arena as the additional insured. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to participate. NO CERTIFICATES WILL BE ACCEPTED the day of competition and verbal authorization is not acceptable.



Liability Release Forms:


All participants must submit the enclosed liability release form before they are permitted to compete. It is the responsibility of the coach to copy one for each participant and submit them along with the entry packet.





Time Limits:

  • CHEER/DANCE - 2 ½ minutes maximum.
  • ALL MUSIC DIVISION - 2 ½ minutes maximum all music
  • Dance- 3 minute maximum performed entirely to music
  • A 5-point penalty will be assessed for any overtime --(a 3 second cushion is given to allow for human error)


Rules & Penalties:

  • Coaches will not be permitted to speak to the safety judges before their performance time
  • All safety questions must be sent to the Safety Committee by February 23.
  • 36 member maximum per team except for where noted
  • National Federation Interscholastic Spirit Association rules and regulations, including the 2017-2018 revisions, with the exception of the use of a spring floor, will be strictly enforced.
  • A 1 point deduction will be deducted for minor infractions (NFHS Rule 2-General Info and Rule 3 &4 Apparel/Accessories) and a 5 point penalty will be deducted for each infraction ( all other sections) including stepping off the mat and exceeding the time limit. www.nfhs.org
  • Alternate team members and coaches sitting on the competition floor may not say the words with the team


  • Team trophies awarded will be contingent upon the number of entries in each division.
  • The entire varsity cheer/dance division will be ranked according to their respective state group according to the NJSIAA General Classification. Click the following link to find your school's group . Search | NJSIAA.
  • Banners will be awarded to division and group champions in the varsity cheer/dance and all music divisions only.
  • The top ranked squads in the Varsity cheer/dance AND the Varsity all music division will compete for a State Group Title in the respective division/group.

Mandatory Coaches Meeting:


A mandatory coaches meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 6 at 6:30 PM at David Brearley High School, Kenilworth. (Directions) or Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 6:30 pm at Howell High School, Farmingdale at 405 Squankum-Yellowbrook Road, Farmingdale, NJ 07727 

At this meeting coaches will receive their packets of information including their warm-up and performance times.



Each team must have at least one coach attend either of the meetings.


You only need to attend one meeting.


We suggest that you have a backup/ contingency plan because if any team does not have a coach or a representative for the team present (no students allowed) you will not be permitted to compete.

No Exceptions! If you have another coach/ representative pick up your packet you are still responsible for all information presented at this meeting.


We request that you hold your questions until the meeting so that everyone receives the same information.


If there is an emergency you can call

Kimberly McGowan (908-499-2245) or

Pat DePalma ( 732-861-9445)


You may also e-mail either one of us (please not both) at pat.depalma@njcdca.com,kimberly.mcgowan@njcdca.com


Scheduled Start Times:

  • Doors will open at  1 1/2  hours before the scheduled start times for team and 1 hour ahead for the spectators.
  • Middle School and HS JV Division will be in the morning followed by Varsity Cheer Divisions followed by the Recreation & Dance Divisions.



  • Wristbands will be distributed to participants and coaches only.
  • Only team members and coaches with wristbands will be free.
  • Only 2 coaches and the maximum number of team members allowed in each division will be admitted free with wristbands.
  • Admissions are $20 per person.
  • $10 for students with School IDONLY (No other forms of ID will be accepted)
  • 5 and under free!

Other Information:

  • Score sheets will be available immediately after the competition.
  • Concessions will be available.
  • No food or drink is to be brought into the CIA.
  • The NJCDCA or The CIA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please hold all questions for the mandatory meeting. If it is an emergency, you can call Kimberly McGowan (908-499-2245) or Pat DePalma ( 732-861-9445)



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To enter, print your forms and send them with your fees to:


NJCDCA State Championship

Kimberly McGowan


Colonia, NJ 07067


Make checks payable to: NJCCA


E-mail questions to:


Competition Check List

  • Entry fees
  • Registration forms- signed by your Administrator
  • Music Copyright Form
  • Insurance certificate
    (original only)
  • Liability release form
    (one for each participant) 
  • Floor selection form
  • Official Team Roster- signed by your AD

PLEASE NOTE: NJCDCA from time to time produces promotional material relating to its programs. As a participant and/or a spectator at the Event, teams or individuals may be included in videotapes, photographs, DVD’s, and video casts taken during the Event to be used for promotional and commercial purposes.




NJCDCA Official
Cheer & Dance State Championship T-shirt

Be sure to order your 2018 commemorative tee!


The online store is now live and ready for orders!


Order online or at the event!!


You will be able to customize souvenir shirts that will be available online and onsite the day of the competition. Fine Designs will have a large selection of apparel items like Tie-dyes, hoodies, dri-fits. Every item is able to be customized to each individual with slogans like "icheer", "idance" "#likeaboss" etc... you can add these slogans to your sleeves or anywhere on the shirt you would like! . There will be more styles as well as more slogans onsite at the competition.


Click below to visit the online store!


Don't miss out!


Click here for more information

Get Shot By Brian

Team & Action Photographs

We will have multiple viewing stations setup, where within minutes of the Team's routine ending, they can come over, chose their pictures and have them printed out on our professional quality, dye sub, printers, shortly after the order is placed.


For more information or to order after the event,





Varsity Media is NJCDCA’s official videographer.

Visit store.varsitymedia.net to order HD videos. Visit www.varsitymedialive.com for live stream ordering.

Varsity Media will also be on site March 4th 2018 taking video orders. We fulfill video orders on-site same day which means you can go home with your routine in HD!


CALL: 516-338-8615 for pre-orders

OR: Visit our sales table at event

We accept cash or credit card

email: ben@varsitymedia.net

Visit Varsity Media today!










  • All participants on the All-State Team must be on a high school varsity cheerleading / dance team.
  • Your school must be a member of the NJCDCA. If you are unsure of your school's status, please visit the Membership page.


Complete an application form.

Write a brief, cheerleading or dance biography (not an essay), which must be signed by your coach. The biography should be no more than one page and should be attached to your All State Team Application Form and Photo Release. If you are a cheerleader; it must include your stunting ability.


Be a Senior in good standing.

The application form must be signed by a school administrator or athletic director and your coach confirming that you are in good academic standing.


Submit a DVD or upload your private video to your You Tube account

that is no longer than three (3) minutes. Be sure that the video contains all of the required elements. When taping the video, candidates should wear a T-shirt, and shorts. Do NOT wear a school uniform or anything that will identify your school. 





If sending via YouTube account, please email the link and any necessary codes/ acknowledgements to view to JoAnne Poppe at the email below. Be sure your link is confidential and not a public video.

Be sure to include your name in the email.


The video must be postmarked/uploaded no later than October 13, 2017.

DVD videos must be of standard size or adaptable.

Send the DVD and application form with a check for $25 (payable to NJCCA) to:
(If uploading to You tube, just send application form and fee .)


JoAnne Poppe

2037 Lakeside Drive West

Highland Lakes, NJ 07422



If you are overnighting, please WAIVE THE SIGNATURE.



The fee is to cover the expenses of the selection of the All-State Team. An independent panel of judges will make final selection of the All-State Team.

Applicants will be notified by mail in the fall of 2017 as to whether or not they have made the team. The 2017-2018 All-State Team will be honored at a brunch or a luncheon in-November. The team will be formally presented at the NJCDCA Cheer and Dance State Championships in 2018.



Helpful hints for making the team:

  • For all skills demonstrated, show the highest level of difficulty that can be well executed.  For example, a well-executed toe touch jump is better than a poorly done pike jump.
  • Use good motion technique.
  • Voice, expression, inflection, and volume count.
  • Make sure the video is clean.  If there are mistakes, DO IT OVER!
  • Appearance isn’t scored, but please be neat.
  • Applicants from the same school should use individual material.


The DVD should include:



Cheer - not a sideline (no longer than 30 seconds)
Gymnastics - minimum of a standing back handspring and/or tumbling pass
Dance - (four - eight counts)
Jumps - a single toe touch and a combination jump that may include standing tumbling


Chant or sidelines with arm motions, no stunts (no longer than 15 seconds)
Gymnastics - minimum of a standing back handspring and/or tumbling pass
Partner stunting - individual stunts or a stunt sequence with or without music. No more than 30 seconds. (Please use a spotter.)
Jumps- a single toe touch and a combination jump that may include standing tumbling



Jazz & Pom Technique -
Full Split - (left and right)
Leap - (Grand Jette)
Kick - (Fan or Hitch)
Jump - (i.e. toe touch)
Double turn/Pirouette
Techniques are to be demonstrated separately; not incorporated into the 6-8 count dance.
Hip Hop Technique-Must demonstrate street and hip hop dance skills; i.e. popping, locking, etc.
All Styles of Dance - Six - eight counts to music demonstrating jazz, pom or hip hop skills


All demo requirements are minimums; a higher degree of difficulty in each area may be substituted.





Click here for All State Team Application


Click here for Photo Release



PLEASE NOTE: NJCDCA from time to time produces promotional material relating to its programs. As a participant and/or a spectator at the Event, teams or individuals may be included in videotapes, photographs, DVD’s, and video casts taken during the Event to be used for promotional and commercial purposes.


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