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IFRS to GAAP 2 IFRS to GAAP Essay The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board have taken steps over the past few years to integrate their policies into a uniform standard to overcome some of the accounting discrepancies sometimes seen in different regions of the world. While it is impractical to assume that the two bodies could operate under the exact same accounting standard they have begun to change some of the policies in order for a more uniform representation of a company’s financial position. “The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board have published new requirements for fair value measurement and disclosure” (Cohn, 2011). In response to the 2008 financial crisis the two accounting boards accelerated efforts to improve how fair value is measured for financial instruments in an attempt to prevent the wild swings we saw the market undertake during the banking crisis of 2008. “The requirements do not extend the use of fair value accounting, but provide guidance on how it should be applied where its use is already required or permitted by other standards within IFRS or U.S. GAAP, FASB and the IASB emphasized” (Cohn, 2011). “Both Board’s objectives for publishing the proposed IFRS were to establish a single source of guidance for all fair value measurements required or permitted by IFRS to reduce complexity and improve consistency in their application, clarify the definition of fair value and related guidance” (Metzger, n.d.). Under the new rules both U.S. GAAP and IFRS have established similar definitions for the components used in calculating fair value. Under both the definition of fair value is “the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date” (Metzger, n.d.). The two boards have also adopted similar Valuation techniques under the new rules. Both the income approach, and the cost approach have been clearly defined within the new guidelines. The “income approach uses valuation techniques to convert future amounts (for example, cash flows or earnings) to a single present amount (discounted)” (Metzger, n.d.). The “cost approach is based on the amount that currently

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US GAAP IFRS Convergence

The research demonstrates that the manner in which the FASB, IASB and the SEC have been working towards achieving convergence between the US GAAP and IFRS is indeed questionable. Despite several delays, there appears to be commitment between both sides to achieve a universal accounting framework at the earliest.

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Account standardization, IFRS and US GAAP

Financial Accounting. Account standardization, IFRS and US GAAP. Accounting refers to the systematic way of summarizing, analyzing and reporting the financial transactions. Accounting helps in clearly understanding the financial position of the organization and comparing it with other organizations within a particular financial period.

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IFRS and GAAP Convergence

The main objective of financial reporting is to communicate to investors, creditors, and other interested parties the financial outcomes of a business in a understandable and useful way. The basic responsibility for reporting those financial outcomes rests with the business’s management.

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In addition, organizations with subsidiaries in areas that permit or need IFRS may have the capacity to utilize a single accounting language in the company. Also, companies may need to convert from GAAP to IFRS if they are a subsidiary of an international organization that should employ IFRS, or if they have an external financier that must utilize IFRS.

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Comparison of IFRS and US GAAP

The information is of importance to management, investors, creditors, employees and other government organizations. Financial statements are written reports describing quantitatively the financial health of a company. An income summary shows the income and expenditure of a firm or a balance sheet shows the assets and liabilities and equity of a company are all examples of financial statements.

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IFRS .IFRS and US GAAP Comparison

The current status of SEC acceptance of IFRS statements for the US based companies is described below. SEC seems shifting from US GAAP to IFRS statements for the US based companies because of the differences between these two

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IFRS and GAAP Convergence

The most commonly followed standards are the IFRS and the US GAAP. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are the principle-based accounting standards

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Nike and Adidas

These two brands have successively managed to penetrate, target, segment as well as position their own brands in the life of customers (Umair, 2011). Although Nike is the leading in the global market in terms of sportswear, it is evident that Adidas is growing

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Comparing IFRS to GAAP Essay

Due to Mergers and acquisitions, Industry, globalization and size of the enterprise, IFRS has a lot of impact on companies and has created the necessity for adoption of IFRS as international accounting standards (Kimmel, 2013). This document will focus on specific

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