No Homework Song Remix

On By In 1

Lately, I been, I been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I been, I been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars
We'll be counting stars

No more counting dollars?
Well, maybe just a little bit...

Is this on, nigga?
Ok, good, I'm gone, nigga
Oh, you ain't got no backwoods
Throw that shit a bong, nigga
My whole team is strong, nigga
If ya signin checks, I get along wicha
And everybody around me is signing checks
And saying cheese like its a prom picture
Man, whoo, trap remix
This that were all black remix
Please understand that at the age of 25
I already qualify for a black visa
I'm selfmade, and my black sneakers
White diamonds on a black T-Shirt
I ain't one to make past speeches
But, I'm stacking paper like math teachers
On homework night, its homework night
So y'all motherfuckers better study up
And don't get it twisted, I'm deep in the hood
So y'all motherfuckers better buddy up
If you're ready for war, then put your captains up
If your stars in the sky I'm going to snatch it down
Sorry, baby girl, I'm just passing through town
But be ready for a nigga when I come back around


Now, I ain't one to be materialistic
So don't twist it when you listen to this shit
And I ain't ever ever paint a picture to get rich
I'm tryna get hope to the rebels and misfits
Resistance to this shit, not existent
The flow switch, it flips scripts in an instant
VanGogh, Vincent, everytime I let the motherfucking ink drip
Sink ships to the enemy
Everytime I put together the illest of four melodies
Do a hundred on the highway
When they pull me over, I tell'em that hundreds the new 70
Hop! Wrap sheet full of felonies
But I'm still tryna fight for the better me
I dont care if your feeling in the lyrics
But you got to feel the soul with the vibe and the energy


У вирусов есть линии размножения, приятель. Тут ничего такого. Сьюзан с трудом воспринимала происходящее.


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