12 Forum Posting Advanced Seo Bangla Tutorial Lesson 12 Homework

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How is the Photography for Bloggers course different from other tutorials online?

You’ve probably spent hours trolling the internet hoping to find the right tutorial to help you take better blog photos. But those tutorials aren’t thorough enough. The tips never work right for you. And they aren’t taught by teachers! My course is based on the latest research about learning and memory, and you will always have me as a resource if you have questions. I wrap the best techniques up in a neat package, answer questions and provide detailed critique.

Why don’t I get Lifetime Access to your course materials & forum?

Some workshops offer lifetime access, but really, what does that mean? Your lifetime? Mine? The company’s? I want to be honest with you. You get access to this course, any upgrades I make to course material, and access to the forum for as long as I run the class. I do hope to retire someday, and I’m not going to offer you help after that! But you’ll have at least one year from the date of purchase to turn in your homework and ask me questions. Does that sound fair?

Doesn’t creating good photos take a long time?

Yep. But the more time you invest in learning how to get the best photos and in planning each blog post, the less time you’ll spend taking photos in the long run. That leaves more time for creating the content you love and working on social media.

What’s the time commitment?

Extremely doable! Just 5 to 7 hours per unit for most people to read through the materials, watch the videos and do the homework!

What’s your refund policy?

I agree to provide refunds up until the course materials become available to you. Unfortunately, once you have access to the materials, I can no longer provide a refund. You can’t get the milk without buying the cow, y’all!

Have other questions before you sign up? Shoot me an e-mail by clicking on the Contact button near the upper right corner of this page.

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