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The goal of most people in life is to be happy. There are two major fronts to their happiness, their jobs and their love lives. While education may be the key to securing that perfect job, there is no formula for finding the perfect mate, especially for gays. Furthermore, once gays find their partners for life, the law does not recognize their marriage, denying homosexual spouses the benefits that heterosexual spouses have enjoyed for centuries. The roots of this debate lie in the soil of discrimination. Gays have long been discriminated against, even though there is little difference between sexual orientation-based discrimination and that based upon race. Also, many states and the federal government still have laws that…show more content…

Furthermore, fundamentalists believe same-sex marriages mock the idea of commitment, and breed cynacism, as they say that society does not need homosexual relationships in order to flourish (Baird 108-9).

Statistics provide evidence of discrimination. Sixty-four percent of Americans still believe that the law should not recognize same-sex marriages. (Cloud 44) Christianity has a large part in the prevention of same-sex marriage. It is common for Christians to look upon homosexuality as a sin. Therefore, they would not want to recognize same-sex marriages, because they see marriage as holy union. Another argument deals with the standard definition of marriage as being necessarily different-sex. To some, the term "same-sex marriage" seems oxymoronic. (Eskridge 90) Another argument is the procreation and family argument. A main provision in marriage is having children and forming a family. Since same-sex couples cannot conceive children, why should they marry? (Eskridge 96) This argument is clearly fault-ridden. Some married couples are unable or choose not to have children, so this is not even a viable argument. (Strasser 52) Fifty-seven percent of Americans do not believe that homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children. (Cloud 44) All of these

Same-sex Marriage Should be Legal Essay

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Same-sex Marriage Should be Legal

"I do." These two simple words have the power change lives in an instant. For most people, the phrase conjures up images of a man and a woman being joined in marriage. But for gays and lesbians, having the chance to legally say "I do" is a far-off dream, not a reality. In many European countries, marriages between same-sex couples are federally recognized, but unions of American homosexuals still go unrecognized by the United States government. Same-sex marriages deserve to be legalized in this country. Homosexual couples should be entitled to the same rights as heterosexual couples.

To initially understand this issue, one must understand what a marriage is in the eyes of the law. A…show more content…

The federal government as well would not recognize legal same-sex marriages. However, according to the U.S. Constitution's full faith and credit clause, states must recognize each other's laws and regulations. In addition to that, DOMA defines marriage for federal purposes as a legal union between a man and a woman. Since the passage of the act, every state has filed a DOMA bill ("About Marriage"). This bill is clearly an unconstitutional, unprecedented attack on the rights of gays and lesbians. It is discriminatory, designed to deny same-sex couples equal protection under marriage laws.

Many people oppose the legalization of same-sex marriages because they are "morally" wrong. These people, however, confuse religious aspects of marriage with legal ones. The legalities of the issue have nothing to do with what a religion specifies. A "legal" marriage is a contract established by the state government. No matter where it takes place, a marriage is not legal unless accompanied by an official marriage license ("Quick Answers About Same Sex Marriages"). A church can choose to recognize whatever unions it wants, regardless of what the government says is legal. Because of the separation of church and state, no religious body can dictate state policy; therefore, civil marriage laws lie solely to the state. The church and the state often differ in

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