Human Biology Ocr Coursework Definition

These illustrate the standard, structure and requirements of the question papers learners will sit. These also include marking instructions.

General assessment information provides instructions for the conduct of coursework, an overview of the assessment task, evidence to be gathered and general marking instructions.

Coursework assessment tasks provide the live assessment task, including marking instructions and instructions for candidates. Teachers/lecturers can access these confidential documents through their SQA Co-ordinator.

The guidance on conditions for assessment provides clarity on acceptable conduct during coursework, including reasonable assistance.

These documents contain details of Unit assessment task(s), show approaches to gathering evidence and how the evidence can be judged against the Outcomes and Assessment Standards. Teachers/lecturers can arrange access to these confidential documents through their SQA Co-ordinator.

We are publishing examples of candidate evidence with commentaries as part of our Understanding Standards programme. These materials are for teachers and lecturers to help them develop their understanding of the standards required for assessment. As these materials become available, they are being published in the following locations:

  • Available from our secure website Materials relating to Unit assessment, internally assessed components of Course assessment, and externally assessed components of Course assessment which are subject to visiting assessment. Teachers and lecturers can arrange access to these materials through their SQA Co-ordinator.
  • Available from our Understanding Standards website Materials relating to externally assessed components of Course assessment, with the exception of those subject to visiting assessment.

More information on our Understanding Standards programme, can be found on our Understanding Standards page.


  1. Hey, I did some revision notes for the exams F211, F212, F214 and F215 and thought I'd share them around, so here you go :-)


    1) I wrote them myself. You might have been given them by your teacher/best friend/whatever, but that does not mean they are not mine. You will not find any copies of these notes from any other source dated any earlier than these ones (unless I posted them in a different thread first, which I think I did with a couple). There are mistakes in them. I wrote them in a rush. You will see from some of the early replies that I corrected them as they were pointed out. Now I'm more occupied with my degree and I'm not even sure if I still have the original files.

    2) I got an A in each of my exams and I'm now studying human biology at university. I have not done A levels for a long time (more years have passed than I care to admit!). I probably can't answer your specific questions but there are other threads around here where they will be able to help you.

    3) I don't know if using my notes will get you an A and I don't know how you should revise. I wrote them as part of my cramming. As mentioned previously, they have mistakes. TBH, reading these notes wouldn't have helped me when I did the exams. It was the writing them which I found useful.

    4) I did OCR B Salters Chemistry (So F331, F332 etc.). I have another thread somewhere with those notes in. However, they are not as good as these ones because I predominantly revised using my tutor's notes rather than writing my own. Yes, I got 90%+ in my chemistry coursework; no, you can't have a copy.

    5) I'm at university now. I won't be writing more notes and I can't write some for a different module for you.

    6) I'm a woman, please don't refer to me as a 'he'.

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  2. thaks for these notes, they look really good
    (Original post by lexafish)
    Hey, I did some revision notes for the exams F211, F212, F214 and F215 and thought I'd share them around, so here you go :-)


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