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Environmental pollution essays are narrative essays that are based on experiences in our daily lives. These essays begin with general statements and reflections on the meaning of the topic and the importance of narrative such essays. The bodies and conclusions that are described in engaging ways with up to date statistical information on pollution which makes the reader always alert and fully invited and feel to be part of the story.

How to start

The environmental pollution essays henceforth may take the form of description of different types of pollution such as sound, water, air and soil among others. Therefore, the body describes the various types of environmental contamination in each paragraph. On a separate note, the essays might outline the consequences of pollution such as global warming, extinction of resources, health hazards on people and animals, and demolition of the ecosystem where by individual paragraphs describe agricultural activities, transportation, technology and industry, residences of people and their behaviors among others. At the introduction, there is usually a brief description of the terms such as environment and pollution followed by different types of pollution exhibited on the environment or the various consequences of pollution. These form the thesis statements that are elaborated in the subsequent sections.

Example of introduction for a pollution essay:

Man is the Main Polluter

“The term environment is referred to as the surrounding of the human being. Hence it includes air, plant, water, animal life, and non-living things among others. For the purpose of peaceful coexistence, man has to make sure that all these aspects of the environment are not tampered with and at all times effectively utilized and preserved for future generation. However, the current chaotic situation in the environment is a consequence of environmental pollution. Pollution is contamination of the natural environment by either human or natural actions without rectifying such activities to the extent that they become a health hazard to all the living things. In most cases, physical activities have been blamed for pollution such as earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruption, storms, rain and floods among others. However, man has been the greatest environmental polluter who has caused adverse impacts to him, others, plants, and animals. Thus, the essay describes man’s different activities that have caused environmental pollution.”

How to write the body

The body of the essay will delve into the various ways and activities that man engages in which lead to environmental pollution. Every activity is described in individual paragraphs where the first sentence denotes the point. This is followed by an elaboration of the point giving evidence to support the argument in a logical sequence. Furthermore, the writer joins all these statements interestingly using transitional words to ensure there is a flow so that the reader stays engaged.  Each paragraph discusses a point separately though they are interconnected concerning the thesis statement regarding the topic.

Example of body paragraphs for an environmental pollution essay:

“One activity that man engages in is urbanization and population increase in an area. Therefore, the greatest activity that results is increased scatter of garbage and trash within his dwelling environment. Man dumps rubbish in every place that decay. However, most of this rubbish have toxic components that are released and permeate the soil to different water catchment areas such as rivers, oceans, seas, dams and boreholes. Furthermore, people directly throw garbage to these water areas which have formed special garbage islands, especially in oceans and seas. Sectors such as the Ganges River in Varanasi and Calcutta are highly polluted by waste which has bacteria hence have negatively impacted on the aquatic lives. People who live in such areas suffer from diseases such as cholera because they drink such raw water. Also, the garbage in such areas releases smell with the constant decay of materials which cause air pollution. Similarly, water is also polluted through industrial activities where items are processed or manufactured. The wastewater is channeled to rivers and seas in the locality. These waters are also contaminated with the highest levels which disrupt the aquatic life and the ecosystem such as the food chain.

Secondly, both the agriculture and the industrial sectors are activities responsible for water, air, soil and noise pollution. Man uses pesticides and fertilizers in his agricultural fields. These items have adverse effects on water, air, and soils. However, some factories that produce these chemicals have installed different water and air purification systems though such actions are minimal compared to industries existing in both developed and developing nations. Besides, many nations have not subscribed to global environmental protection programs due to the limitation of such activities in specific territories which further derails efforts to solve the universal problem.

Lastly, man is responsible for air pollution through factory emissions, burning of the fossil fuels, and transportation among others. The smoke emitted from such activities concentrates in the air that people breathe in. Consequently, this results in respiratory diseases, cancer, and vision problems among others. Also, dangerous gases are emitted in the air such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, chemical vapor and sulfur dioxide. The reaction of these gases combined with the cooling of the water vapor results in acid rains that corrode plants and other items on the earth surface. On the same note, the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the industries is responsible for its high concentration that causes a blanket of the atmosphere. This leads to global warming which alters the natural processes on the earth.”

How to conclude

The conclusion of environmental pollution essays entails summary of the points discussed in the body as well as a reiteration of the thesis statement. This is followed by a challenging remark that challenges the reader to reevaluate the remedies as the best solution and challenge his way of thinking regarding the topic.

Example of conclusion for a pollution essay:

“In conclusion, man is noted as the greatest polluter of the environment. This is pegged on its devastating activities such as extraction and processing of resources, increase in population that leads to damping and scatter of garbage, increases industrial activities among others. Consequently, such activities have resulted in pollution of air, water, soil, and sound. These activities have negatively impacted on environment hence their related impacts include disrupted ecosystem, destruction of aquatic life, disease, global warming and acid rains among others. However, man has realized that environmental pollution is a global phenomenon hence he has laid measures to curb the problem and has called for action of rehabilitation, protection, and conservation of the environment. However, challenges do occur due to the existence of such measures in specific regions which hinder willful joining of hands to solve the problems.”

An essay is a piece of coherent writing that is characterized by division into paragraphs and uninterrupted by any titles.

At first sight, it may seem to have no particular structure but after a more ample treatment it appears to have a distinctive structure.

What an Essay is

Each author chooses the exact structure for his or her essay as there are no generally accepted rules that everyone can follow. Most pieces of writing in this genre, though, are based on the obviously similar pattern which is adduced below.

The Structure of a Typical Essay

An essay usually consists of three basic parts. They are the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Mind that these parts are just logical, they do not need to be written as headlines.

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In the introduction, the author ought to provide a context for the topic (that is some background data or facts) as well as to signpost the key aim of the essay.

This part of the essay should be limited to no more than two paragraphs.

The Main Body

The body of the essay reflects the title. It is typically divided into a few paragraphs. Not only should each paragraph cover a certain aspect of the topic but there should also be coherence between the preceding and the following paragraphs.

Body paragraphs may consist of a topic sentence and three or more supporting sentences each. The topic sentence normally comes first introducing the main idea of the paragraph while the purpose of supporting sentences is to “support” that is to explain, give more arguments or evidence.


The conclusion usually summarises the points mentioned in the main body. It may also supply a solution or an answer to the title issue as well as remind of the key aim of the essay.

As a rule, conclusion is represented in one paragraph. 

What is an Air Pollution Essay

Essay topics can vary greatly. A very popular one, though not very innovative, is the “Air Pollution” essay. Despite the fact it seems quite hackneyed, one can write a really successful work provided that one conducts a thorough research into the topic.

Tips for Writing an Air Pollution Essay

  1. Collect different scientific ideas on the subject which exist in the field of ecology.
  2. Analyse the traditional and alternative ways out of the current state of affairs.
  3. Formulate your opinion based on the information you have analysed.
  4. Provide practical recommendations concerning the means of remedying the situation.
  5. Causes of the air pollution
  6. Preventive measures against the air pollution
  7. Its disadvantages and detrimental effects

Aspects Which Should Be Elucidated in an Air Pollution Essay

An Example of an Air Pollution Essay

Air pollution is on the list of the most urgent problems at the time. It may be caused by a row of factors the most widespread of which are human-based such as urban sprawl, industrialisation and technical development.

Clean air comprises several gases. When other gases or harmful substances penetrate into the clean air, it will inevitably get contaminated. The process of pollution affects the fragile ozone layer to such extent that it causes drastic negative changes in the environment.

People use a lot of pollutant-containing things in their everyday life. For example, carbon monoxide can be found in cigarettes that people smoke. One more dangerous gas is carbon dioxide which is emitted when coal or wood is burnt. As soon as such gases contact with the atmosphere, a part of ozone layer is destroyed.

The far-reaching effect of this process is the global climate change, particularly, global warming. As the temperatures around the world are rising drastically, the sea levels start increasing, icebergs and glaciers are gradually melting. As a consequence, numerous species have lost their habitat.

One more effect is acid rains which take place when fossil fuels are burnt. During the rain nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides emitted into the atmosphere combine with water drops. Those, in their turn, become acidic and fall on the ground. Acid rain inflicts damage on humans, flora and fauna.

Air pollution often leads to various respiratory diseases among humans such as bronchitis as well as more dangerous ones like Cancer. Millions of people die annually due to direct or indirect effects of air pollution.

All in all, it is irrefutable that it is high time the action was taken to protect the atmosphere that gives us oxygen to breathe from the air pollution of various origin. It is worth thinking better of it before smoking another cigarette or taking the driver’s seat have cost us our planet.


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