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Education Dissertation Topics by Subject Experts

Students pursuing master’s and doctorate degrees in education are given dissertation writing task by their university professors to conduct extensive research in their chosen field. Choosing the best from all the education dissertation topics is challenging as it covers a broad array of topics such as college and university education, primary school education, adult education, homeschooling, distance learning, holistic education teacher education, curriculum and child development dissertation topics.

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Dissertation Topics in Education that Our Professionals Cover

Primary School Education dissertation Topics

Primary education or elementary education is the first stage of compulsory education in the UK or in other developed areas across the world that children between 6-13 years of age acquire. To write a dissertation on education, several aspirants select this topic. Here are some of the education dissertation topics suggested by our expert dissertation help providers:

  • How to develop the life skills in the students taking elementary education in the UK?
  • Discuss the special educational needs of the primary school education children.
  • How much should be the exposure of technology in the primary schools?
  • Discuss the role of implementing innovative methods in imparting primary education?
  • Should students attend pre-school?Discuss the advantages.

Collegiate Education Dissertation Topics

It is also referred to as secondary school education or high school education where a pupil between 13 to 18 years of age acquires the formal education. If we talk about the best thesis topics in education, it surely can be considered. Mentioned below are a few education dissertation topics for you:

  • Should schools pay more attention to character building than academic education?
  • Should new courses be introduced and offered to high school students across the globe?
  • Can religious and racial tolerance be increased by reintroducing religious education?
  • Discuss the impact of secondary school teachers on students’ academic accomplishments.
  • Is gender segregation of the collegiate education system is beneficial?

University Education Dissertation Topics

Undergraduate/postgraduate students obtain formal education available in colleges or universities. The topics on university education can be considered if you have to submit a fine-quality dissertation on education:

  • Discuss the factors responsible for the international mobility of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Should religious education be made compulsory in higher education institutes?
  • Discuss the reasons behind charging the hefty amount of money for university education.
  • University degree or professional work experience?Which one holds more importance?
  • Discuss the advantages of introducing new university courses.

Teaching Method or Teacher Education Dissertation Topics

The role of a teacher is to provide the best education whether working as a primary school teacher, university professor or a secondary school teacher. Some of the education dissertation topics advised by our UK’s best dissertation writers are given below:

  • Discuss the reasons why teachers today seem less trained and dedicated towards providing fine quality education.
  • Should teachers focus on forming a fine character of the students instead of just offering education?
  • Does a change is required in the teaching methods to accelerate the overall academic success of the students?
  • Discuss the role of teachers in shaping students’ lives.
  • How has teaching profession been evolved in the recent years?

Private School Education Dissertation Topics

Private schools are high-priced in comparison with the public schools still parents send their children to seek education from the private ones. Our professionals are suggesting some of the Ph.D. thesis topics in education for your education dissertation:

  • Discuss the reasons why parents want their children to have schooling from private schools.
  • Do private schools provide a better education than public schools?
  • What benefits students get in private schools that they cannot find in public education institutes?
  • Are the teachers working at private schools work more dedicatedly than the teachers from public schools?
  • Why do the expenses associated with private education are on the constant rise?

Public School Education Dissertation Topics

Several public schools offer elementary, secondary and higher education to the students between 6 to 18 years of age. A top-notch dissertation on education can be written on any public school education dissertation topics given below:

  • Why do parents prefer private schooling over public schooling system?
  • Discuss the reasons for declining trend of public schools.
  • What courses should be introduced in the public schools to encourage healthy eating habits amongst the students in the UK?
  • What should be practised in public schools to build up the moral values in the younger generation?
  • Is there a humongous need of using advanced teaching tools in the public schools?

Homeschooling Education Dissertation Topics

Homeschooling is also known as home education which is conducted by a tutor or a parent and not by private and public school teachers. To write a perfect education dissertation, here are some of the homeschooling education dissertation topics given by the experts:

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.
  • Is it that homeschooled children perform better than those who attend schools regularly?
  • What motivates parents to opt for home schooling for their children?
  • A quantitative study to compare the academic achievement of homeschooled children and conventional school goers.
  • Discuss why children that are home schooled have more moral values than the regular school students.

Adult Education Dissertation Topics

Adult education is becoming increasingly popular over a few decades and can be vocation-based and professional as well. If you want to write a dissertation on education, then the following adult education dissertation topics can be considered:

  • How to promote adult education programmes in the educational institutes?
  • Should teachers focus more on adult education?
  • Discuss the advantages of promoting adult education in schools.
  • How much has the UK government already spent on adult education programmes over the last two decades?
  • The impact of adult education related courses in the curriculum.

Holistic Education Dissertation Topics

Holistic education is based on the spiritual values such as compassion and peace. Some of the best education dissertation topics are given below to help you write an education dissertation:

  • What does holistic education mean?
  • Should schools pay more attention to imparting holistic education?
  • Discuss the importance of promoting holistic education in the private and public schools.
  • Does holistic education produce students having utmost moral and spiritual values?

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A List Of Good Dissertation Topics Related To Education: Top 25 Suggestions

The purpose of your dissertation paper is to add to the body of study and research already existent in your chosen field. It’s better to be tightly focused than too broad. In the education discipline you have lots of choices. You can divide your field into ranges like pre-school education, teacher education, private school, holistic education, adult education, home schooling, primary school, college or university.

The following 25 ideas are a good place for you to start. You can browse through them and find something that sparks your interest, then make it unique by adding your own twist on it or a different perspective.

  1. Has the pre-school system been improved by the introduction of the Montessori program?

  2. Should pre-school age begin at 24 months rather than waiting until four years of age? What advantages or disadvantages would be associated with the younger starting age?

  3. How are the current teacher to student rations in pre-school faring? Should there be more teachers per number of students? Why or why not?

  4. How important is testing on primary school age children for measuring their performance levels? Is this the most effective method? Investigate other possibilities.

  5. How do current primary education models compare to those of two decades ago? Has efficiency increased? Are there flaws in the system? What are they?

  6. Does standardised testing serve an indisputable role in secondary school education? What downfalls are apparent? What solutions could be postulated?

  7. Is co-ed schooling effective for college level students?

  8. Should primary school education allow more independent study?

  9. Should learning in primary school be more self-directed?

  10. Is it beneficial to employ gender segregation in public school?

  11. Is there a benefit to pairing failing students with high achievers?

  12. Should current issues such as conservation and environment have equal place with math and language?

  13. Should there be more education based on religious and racial tolerance and acceptance?

  14. Should entrepreneurship hold a higher place in business and management degrees?

  15. Have the college level courses been kept up to date with today’s information age?

  16. Should tuition for medical schools be lowered to promote students specializing in areas that have begun to decline in enrollment?

  17. Should university degrees be altered to reflect the need for students to work while going to school, perhaps from the current 4 years to 5 or even 10 years?

  18. Does university attendance affect labour shortage?

  19. Has teacher dedication risen or fallen in the last 10 years?

  20. Are teachers adequately trained to handle the social pressures students are faced with?

  21. Is the principal more of a manager or administrator?

  22. Do teachers feel safe in the classroom?

  23. Do private schools nurture a student’s personality and character better than public schools are able to?

  24. Are the costs of private school adequately offset by the scholarships available?

  25. Are drugs and weapons more of a plague of public schools?


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