Fm 2014 Scouting Assignments Synonyms

Scouting assignments determine how your scouting team is utilised to provide you information on different players and teams.

To use your scouts most effectively you should take the time to set up scouting assignments yourself. To do this you will first need to make sure that you have not assigned this responsibility to either your chief scout or director of football on the Responsibilities tab of the Staff screen.

1. Scouting Range

Your scouting range is set by your club's board and determines the areas of the world that you are allowed to send scouts to. Depending on the stature of your club you may be restricted to scouting in your club's nation, region or continent, or you may be allowed to scout globally.

You can view your current scouting range on the Overview tab of the Board screen or on the left-hand panel of the Scouting screen.

You can ask the board to increase the scouting range from the Board Overview screen by using the Make Board Request button and choosing Scouting Range from the Networking category. However, the board may reject your request if you have not yet increased the stature of your club.

2. Managing Scouting Assignments

Hiring scouts and managing scouting assignments | Scouting Football Manager 2016 Guide

Hiring scouts

First, you need to hire scouts. You can place an advertisement in the employment agency and wait for candidates, offer a contract to scouts from other clubs ("steal them") or use the staff searching option. Mind the limit set by the board that describes how many scouts your club can have and their maximum wage (you can change these conditions by asking the board). When hiring a scout, you should look at his knowledge about the world and his attributes: "judging player ability" and "judging player potential" are the most important ones. Scout with good "tactical knowledge" will be best at preparing reports about the teams that you will play against.

Managing scouting assignments

You can ask scouts to search for players with certain attributes or to search a given country to look for potential stars.

After hiring scouts, you have to assign them tasks. You can do it using the Create new assignment button. Here you can described what you are looking for (for example a promising junior), the position, preferred age and attributes. The scouts will do the rest. You have to wait for results, but you can be sure the appropriate reports will be sent to you regularly. If you don't find a player right away, there is always a chance that your scout will find one later. From this tab, you can also commision scouting leagues and cups to receive reports about players appearing in them.

Scout's report is an excellent source of information about a player.

Scouts not only provide information about player's attributes, but also describe his strong and weak sides, potential price, estimated skills and potential. Remember that the validity of these information depends on the scouts skills.


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