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pg. 2 February 2017 Assignment title Survey on UKCBC’s Students Experience and Satisfaction Scenario You have been recently appointed as the Lead Student Representative for UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC). As part of your new responsibility, you will be representing the student population at various committee meetings of the college. The college is to be reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in few months’ time and you havebeen asked to write a report on UKCBC’s Students Experience and Satisfaction which is to presented to QAA. You have held a meeting with the Student Representative Committee (SRC) and it is agreed that a survey will be useful for obtaining the data required to write the report. Task 1 Planning the survey a)Create a plan for collecting data from students across all campuses.b)Present the survey methodology and sampling frame usedc)Design a questionnaire for collecting the data.[This will enable you to achieve AC 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3] Guideline 1.Develop a research question 2.When planning the data collection consider: WHAT KINDS OF QUESTIONS WILL YOU ASK? HOW MANY QUESTIONS WILL YOU ASK? HOW WILL YOU WORD OR PHRASE YOUR QUESTIONS? WHAT KIND OF SCALE WILL YOU USE? 3.When developing the questionnaire, please keep in mind your research question because that is what is guiding your research outcomes. 4.Make sure that you write a short “introduction” at the beginning of the survey, somewhat

DATA ANALYSIS & BUSINESS DICISION MAKING – (IMT OM01) PART – I 1)The maximum problem deals with Minimizing the possible loss for the best case. Minimizing the possible loss for the worst case. Maximizing the possible loss for the worst case. Maximizing the possible loss 2)The median is the measure of Absolute dispersion Relative dispersion Relative location. Central location. 3)The growth factors for population of Atlanta have been in recent 5 Years are 1,2,3,4 and 5. The geometric mean is 5throot of 120120 115 15 4)Collection of all possible events is called An outcome None of these An event Sample space 5)The intersection of events A and B occurs when Neither A nor B occur All of these Both A and B occur. Either A or B or both occur 6)The expanded value for a binomial probability distribution is: E(x) = P(1-P) E(x) = nP E(x) = Pn(1-P) E(x) = P(1-n) 7)If the two events are mutually exclusive, what is the probability that one or the other occurs? 0.5 0 1 Cannot be determined from the information given. 8)In constructing the confidence interval estimate for the difference between two independently normally distributed populations, we: Pool the sample variance when the unknown population variances are equal Never Pool the sample variances Pool the sample variances when the population means are equal. Pool the sample variance when the population variances are known and equal.


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