Lewis Summer Assignments For 7th

 Summer Reading 


The Baldwin Middle School Library will be loaning books from the ELA Summer Reading List to students going into 7th and 8th grade for the entire summer break!  Beginning Monday, June 4th students can visit the library to borrow TWO books from the list (THREE for honors students).  The books will be due back to the library on the first day of school, September 5, 2017.  Students must bring the signed permission notice with them to the library to check out books over the summer before school or during their lunch period.  To view a copy of the Summer Reading List and assignment, click on the links below.

Many books on the summer reading list are also available in eBook format.  Use the 'Search for Books' link to find these titles.  Students will need their ID # to create an account to download ebooks.  Books will also be available for check out at the Baldwin Public Library.  

Thank you for your continued support of our library program.  Happy reading!




Christine Cassidy





Dear Students and Parents;


The summer assignments for Tanglewood Middle School are below. These assignments are due in the first week of school.


Tanglewood is an International Baccalaureate (IB) world school and we must emulate a school with a world view. Community service is a large part of being focused on the needs of others. Begin your service now during the summer and strive to complete the required hours on your Community Service Log along with the IB Service Proposal.


Being a student at Tanglewood Middle School requires your engagement, your responsibility, your principles, and your knowledge. Failure is not an option. Students along with their parents must be active in their education. Throughout the year, consider the following questions. When is the assignment due? What is required to complete the assignment at the highest level of achievement? If I do not understand the assignment, when can I meet with the teacher for help? How can I make my assignment even better?


You have the summer to prepare for next year’s success. Have fun, rest, and enjoy your days, but when completing all assignments: do not forget to keep your mind active. Do not wait until the last minute to do these assignments. Make yourself a schedule for the summer in order to complete each assignment.


My expectations are high for every one of you. Enjoy your summer and be ready to learn on August 28, 2017 at 7:40 am.



Gretchen Kasper-Hoffman, Principal


 Gator Camp

August 18, 2017  8am - 2pm

  New parent meeting:     August 18, 2017  

Click on the blue links below to access the assignments.  Students are responsible for printing the assignments and turning them in by the due date.  If a student is unable to print the assignments, notebook paper with the completed assignment will be accepted.


Science:  The summer assignment is the same for all 3 grade levels.


Periodic Table Summer Assignment 


Periodic Table Assignment Part 2 


Science Periodic Table Template




Grade 6 Math Summer Assignment 


Grade 7 Math Summer Assignment    


Grade 8 Math Summer Assignment 


Individuals and Societies  


Grade 6:   6th grade World Cultures Summer Assignment


Grade 7:  7th Grade History Summer Assignment     


7th Grade History Part 2     


7th Grade History Part 3


Grade 8:  8th Grade US History Summer Assignment


Language and Literature:  The summer assignment is the same for all 3 grade levels.    

Summer Reading Assignment 


Project #1 Option 

Project 1 Summer Reading Rubric 


Project #2 Option 

Project 2 Design a CD cover         


Project 2 Summer Reading Rubric


Project #3 Option 


Project 3 Dialectical Journal Example         


Project 3 Dialectical Journal Entry Template 


Project 3 Summer Reading Rubric


Language Acquisition: No assignments for the summer


Physical & Health Education


Health and Physical Education Summer Assignment 


6th & 7th Grade Community Service Log - Can be picked up at the front desk or printed.

(This can be completed by 8th grade to receive the Presidential Service Award)


Community Service Chart 


Community Service Due Dates 








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