Essay On Scope Of English Literature


Some of the key ejournals to which the FGCU Library subscribes:

These journals are available in full text online through the FGCU Library. To find them, use the E-Journals link on the library's home page. Type in the title of the journal to get links to the library's online holdings for an individual journal. Or, just click the links below:

American Literary History
Covers the study of American literature and culture from the colonial period through the present.

American Literature
Contains articles covering the works of several American authors -- from colonial to contemporary-as well as an extensive book review section; a "Brief Mention" section offering citations of new editions and reprints, collections, anthologies and other professional books:

Angelaki: A a new journal in philosophy, literature, and the social sciences
Independent, international journal of theoretical humanities. Focuses on issues in cultural sutdies and theory and encourages engagement with philosophical, literary, and social science theory.

Contains scholarly articles on all aspects of British and American literature.

Provides critical and scholarly perspectives on literatures in English around the world.

ATQ (American Transcendental Quarterly Studies Literary Works and Authors)
Publishes nontechnical articles on all other aspects of 19th century society.

Australian Literary Studies
Includes Advertising, bibliographies, illustrations, book reviews..

Bilingual Review
Devoted to the linguistics of bilingualism and bilingual education, primarily Spanish-English, in the United States.

Boundary 2
Aims to promote thinking about the demands made on the intellectual, political, and cultural life that result from the developments of globalization and the most important changes in the world's dominant historical and political narratives..

Callaloo: a journal of African diaspora arts and letters
Includes Advertising, bibliographies, illustrations, book reviews, film reviews, play (theater) reviews..

Cambridge Quarterly
Principally literary criticism, includes articles on painting, sculpture, music and cinema:

Canadian Literature
Devoted to the study of all aspects of Canadian writing..

Canadian Review of American Studies
Covers all aspects of culture, both past and present, of teh U.S. and of the relations between the cultures of the U.S. and Canada:

Text in English and Spanish.

Chasqui: revista de literatura latinoamericano
Text in English, Portuguese, Spanish. Devoted exclusively to Latin American literature in the sense of bringing together research on both the Spanish-speaking republics of the continent and Brazil.

Chicago Review
International journal of writing and cultural exchange; includes poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and interviews..

Each issue contains one or more bibliographic essays on selected topics, one or more feature pieces, and 600 reviews of new academic titles.

College Composition and Communication
Contains articles dealing with the theory, practice, research of composition, and the preparation of writing teachers. Peer Reviewed.

College Literature
Presents scholarly criticism dedicated to the needs of college and university teachers by providing them with access to innovative ways of studying and teaching new bodies of literature and experiencing old literatures in new ways. Peer Reviewed.

Comparative Literature
Having recently been designated the official journal of the American Literature Association (ACLA), Comparative Literature is the oldest U.S. journal in its field.

Comparative Literature Studies (Urbana)
Explores movements, themes, forms, history of ideas, relations between authors, and foundations of criticism and theories. Peer Reviewed.

Computers and Composition
For teachers of writing. Includes information on subjects related to computer use in composition classrooms and programs. Peer Reviewed.

A Journal of Joseph Conrad sutdies (Polish novelist, 1857- 1924).

Contemporary Literature
Includes advertising, bibliographies, illustrations, book reviews.:

Critical Quarterly
Selections of new poetry, literary criticism, contemporary fiction and articles on modern writing.:

Critical Review
Contains research and essay-length book reviews on modern authors. Develops and critiques classical liberal theory with an emphasis on political philosophy, economics, sociology, and history:

Publishes articles on artists, art, and literature from all periods, either individually or in their interrelationships, with an emphasis on post-structuralist critical approaches, feminist and new historicist interpretation:

Dieciocho: Hispanic Enlightenment
Text in English, Portuguese, Spanish. Studies in 18th century Spain and Latin America..

Discourse Studies
An Interdisciplinary journal for the study of text and talk. Publishes notable research on the structures of written and spoken discourse, with emphasis on cross-disciplinary studies of anthropology, ethnomethodology, cognitive and social psychology, communication studies and law. Peer Reviewed.

Early American Literature
Provides scholarship and criticism of American literature through the early national period (about 1830):

18th- Century Studies
Addresses all aspects of eighteenth century culture and explores how recent historiographical critical, and theoretical ideas engage scholars concerned with the eighteenth century.:

ELH (English Literary History)
Presents studies that interpret the historical conditions affecting major works in English and American literature, addressing historical, critical, and theoretical concerns:

English Language Notes
Contains short articles and scholarly notes covering the full canon of English and American Literature.:

English Literature in Transition 1880-1920
Contains essays and reviews fiction, poetry and culture in British Literature from 1880-1920.

English Studies
Covers the langauge and literature of the English-speaking world from the Old English period to the present day.

Essays in Criticism
A quarterly journal that covers the whole field of English Literature from time of Chaucer to the present day.

A feminist quarterly of writing, politics, art and culture.

Forum for Modern Language Studies
Publishes studies in the field of European language and literature, including English and American, from the Middle Ages to the present.

French Forum
Provides literary criticism essays on all aspects and periods of French continental literature.

French Studies
Contains articles on French literature and French language with an occasional contribution on other aspects of French culture.

Germanic Review
Devoted to studies dealing with the Germanic languages and literatures.

A Canadian journal of Germanic and Slavic comparative and interdisciplinary studies.

A Journal devoted to critical and methodological studies of classical literature, literature, and society.

Hemingway Review
Features article on the life and work of Ernest Hemingway written by scholars, critics, teachers and biographers.

Henry James Review
Publishes critical essays and reviews on the work of the American writer Henry James (1843-1916), including interviews with leading writers about their readings of his work.

Hispanic Review
A quarterly journal devoted to research in the Hispanic Languages and literatures.

Huntington Library Quarterly
Publishes scholarly articles with special attention to the research fields of the Huntington Library collections, concentrating on the literature, history and the art of the 16th to 18th centureis in Britain and America.

Journal of English and Germanic Philology
Publishes scholarly articles and reviews books on English literature and language, American literature, and German and Scandinavian languages and literature.

Journal of Modern Literature
Scholarly journal devoted to literary studies of 20th century literature. Coverage includes world literature as well as English and American.

Latin American Literary Review
Essays on and reviews of literature by Latin American writers.

Legacy (Amherst, Mass.)
Offers analysis of the American women's literary tradition..

Lesbian Review of Books
Contains reviews and essays on books by, for, and about lesbians worldwide.

Literary Review
An international journal of contemporary writing.

Literature and History
Explores the relations among writing, history, and ideology.

Literature, Interpretation, Theory
Provides a lively forum for fresh and forceful interpretations of a wide range of literary texts.

Medium Aevum
Articles, notes and reviews on medieval European languages and literature.

Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States. Presents research, scholarly essays, and interviews of interest to those concerned with the multiethnic scope of America's literature, including Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic-American, Native American and immigrant European literature..

Milton Quarterly
Examines the life and writings of John Milton ( English poet, 1608-1674):

Modern Fiction Studies
Devoted to critcism of modern and contemporary narrative theory.

Encourages an interdisciplinary approach linking music, architecture, the visual arts, literature, and social and intellectual history, concentrating on the period from 1860 to the present.

Modern Language Notes
Presents articles and notes on the theory, interpretation and history of languages and comparative literature, in single-language and comparative-literature issues.

Modern Language Quarterly
Focuses on literary scholarship and criticism, medieval to modern, with special emphasis on literary history.

Modern Language Review
Publishes articles and reviews on medieval and modern European literature, with occasional coverage of contemporary authors. The scope of the journal encompasses English, French, Germanic, Hispanic, Italian, Slavonic, and East European languages and literatures.

Modern Philology
Investigates literary and cultural history, presenting innovative critical approaches to the study of American, English, and European literature.

Mosaic (Winnepeg)
Theoretical and practical essays explore literary works and issues from an interdisciplinary perspective..

Narrative (Columbus, Ohio)
Publishes work on the English, American, and European novel and film, and narrative theory..

Provides the review for studies in comparative and world literature. Particularly emphasis is lent to studies which further a synthetic presentation of literary epoches, periods, trends, and movements from a comparative point of view.

An international journal of modern and medieval language and literature. Publishes studies of medieval and modern language and literature, including general linguistics, literary theory and comparative linguistics.

New Literary History
Focuses on theory and interpretation- the reasons for literary change, the definitions of periods, and the evolution of styles, conventions, and genres.

Nineteenth-century French Studies
Reviews new trends, promising research findings, and professional developments in nineteenth-century French studies. Includes works from a wide variety of disciplines that serve to illuminate the literature of the period.

Notes and Queries
Covers the English language and literature, lexicography, history, and scholarly antiquarianism.

Contains essays and reviews on novel theory.

Orbis Litterarum
International review of literary studies.

Papers on language and literature
Papers on literary history, theory, and interpretation, as well as original literary materials such as letters, journals, and notebooks..

Paragraph (Modern Critical Theory Group)
Strives to further understanding of French critical thought in English-speaking nations. Explores critical theory in general and its application to literature, other arts and society.

Philosophy and Literature
Addresses fresh perspectives to two modes of inquiry through its effective interdisciplinary approach to the study of major literary and philosophical texts.:

PMLA : Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
Publishes scholarly and critical articles, professional notes and letters. Lists fellowships, forthcoming meetings.:

Covers theoretical and empirical research in literature, the media and the arts.

Prooftexts: a journal of Jewish literary history
Provides a forum for the growing field of Jewish literary studies.

Quebec studies
Provides multidisciplinary essays on Quebec culture and society.

Interdisciplinary journal publishing critical writing on literature, film, art, philosophy, and anthropology.

Concerned with the study of values in literature.

Research in African Literatures
Features historical, biographical, and theoretical studies on the written and oral literatures of Africa.

Review of Contemporary Fiction
Each issue devoted to one or two significant (but often neglected) contemporary novelists.

Review of English Studies
Publishes articles and notes on English literature and teh English language from Germanic origins to the present day.

Rhetoric Review
A scholarly interdisciplinary journal of rhetoric, publishes in all areas of rhetoric and writing and provides a professional forum for its reader to consider and discuss current topics and issues.

Rhetoric Society Quarterly
Covers topics relating to the history, theory,criticism, and pedagogy of rhetoric.

Romance quarterly
Scholarly articles relating to Romance literature and linguistics.

Romanic Review
Text in Multiple Languages.

Scandinavian Studies
Examines scholarly articles on philological and linguistic problems of medieval and modern Scandinavian languages.

Seventeenth Century
Interdisciplinary journal concerned with all aspects of the seventeenth century, including literature, theology, philosophy, natural science, music and visual arts.:

Shakespeare Quarterly
Features issue and exchange sections for the latest ideas and controversie, theater reviews of significant Shakespeare productions, and book reviews to keep its readers current with Shakespeare criticism and scholarship.

Shakespeare Studies
An annual gathering of research, criticism & review. Contains research in the Shakespearean era.

Southern Literary Journal
Contains essays, literary criticism, historical studies, and thematic and interpretive analysis of southern writing from colonial times to the present.

Covers the promotion of research, publication, and instruction in medieval records, art, archaeology, history, law, literature, music, philosophy, science, social and economic institutions, and all other aspects of medieval civilization.

Studies in American Fiction
A journal of articles, notes, and reviews on the prose friction of the United States, in its full historical range from the colonial period to the present.

Studies in Canadian Literature
A biannual, bilingual journal devoted to the study of Canadian literature in English and French.

Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900
Each issue covers a different perioid of literature from the Renaissance through the end of the 19th century, with a review of current scholarship on that period.

Studies in Philology
Addresses scholars in a wide range of disciplines, including Classical, Germanic, and Romance languages and literature; comparative literature; and especially English Medieval and Renaissance studies. Peer Reviewed.

Studies in Romanticism
Covers the literature, music and art of the Romantic period in England, Europe, and America. Examines Third World parallels.

Studies in Short Fiction
Publishes commentary (scholarship and criticism) on short fiction.

Studies in the Literary Imagination
Devoted to special topics in literary criticism:

Studies in the Novel
Covers studies of novels and novelists.

Texas Studies in Literature and Language
Publishes essays reflecting a variety of critical approaches and covers all periods of literary history.

Twentieth Century Literature
Covers all aspects of literature today with comparative articles and thematic essays.

Victorian Literature and Culture
Material on all aspects of Victorian literary and cultural history.

World Literature Today
Presents literary essays and book reviews from all over the world.

Written Communication
Provides a forum for ideas, theoritical viewpoints, and methodolgoical approaches that better define and further develop thought and practice in the study of the written word. Peer Reviewed.

Yale Journal of Criticism
Essays of an interpretive or theoretical nature in all fields of the humanities- literature, history, film studies, anthropology, philosophy, theology, music, and the visual and performing arts.


What we have seen in this course is that the English language is and always has been a diverse entity. It has changed dramatically over the centuries since it first arrived on the shores of Britain from the north of Europe, and these changes mean that the language that was spoken at that time is almost incomprehensible to us now. As the language has spread beyond Britain it has continued to change, and to change in different ways in different contexts. It has diversified to such an extent that some scholars suggest that it is no longer accurate to talk of a single ‘English’; that instead there are many different English languages around the world today.

At the same time, however, English exists in the world today as a means of international communication – as a way for people from different social groups to communicate with each other – and to fulfil this function it would seem that variation in the language needs to be curtailed to a certain extent. That is to say, if the language becomes too diverse it will not remain mutually comprehensible across different social groups. So we have two impulses at work that are seemingly incompatible, or perhaps even in conflict, and the question we are faced with is how to render them as consistent, as both being part of the existence of a single entity we call ‘English’. This is one of the central issues in English language studies today – and it’s a very modern issue because it has come about as a direct result of the unprecedented position that English now occupies in the world: as a language with global scope which is implicated in the history and present-day existence of societies all around the world.


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